Macauley Johnson
AD + Design + Animation

UHG + How Can We Help?

Art Direction + Design

'How Can We Help?'


Rest easy


...Because you're know you're in good hands when the first thing asked is, "How can we help?" (in a visually creative way, of course!)
As GS has had an ongoing part in the creation of UHG campaigns, this was another opportunity to both refine and reinvent. I took the reigns for these spots and put a new focus on cel animation and dynamic transitions.


Produced at Gentleman Scholar


'What Works'


Client: UnitedHealth Group
Agency: Zebra
Production Company: Gentleman Scholar
Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
Executive Producer: Christina Roldan
Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek
Producer: Nikki Maniolas


Art Director: Macauley Johnson
Designers: Macauley Johnson, Danni Fisher-Shin, Trish Janovic, Kelly Jung, Angela Ko, Hanna No, Chris Phillips, Yuki Yamada
2D Animators: Macauley Johnson, Danni Fisher-Shin, Lauren Tom, Jeffrey (Jip) Jeong, Andrew Pabon, Henry Pak, Pablo Robleto, Andrew Tan


Cel Animators: Nicole Stafford, Sean Buckelew, Regis Camaro, Lyuben Dimitrov, Taik Lee, Jamal Otolorin
Compositor: Rachel Choi