Macauley Johnson
AD + Design + Animation

Do Yule Logs Dream?

Art Direction + Design




...Your senses this holiday season exploring the deep dreams of a Yule Log. Created for the animation collective Yule Log 2.0, fellow directors Mike Tavarez, Chris Finn, and I set out to explore the inner sanctum of this toasty holiday token. As we go deeper into the dreams of the resting stump, its visions of a roaring Yule Log become more complex and abstract, inviting an audience to gaze and wonder, drifting off into a dream themselves.


Produced at Gentleman Scholar








Production Company: Gentleman Scholar
Creatives: Macauley Johnson, Michael Tavarez, Chris Finn, JP Rooney, Christina Barna, Hana Yean, Trish Janovic, Kevin Njoo, Ryan Kaplan
Producer: Nicole Smarsh