Macauley Johnson
AD + Design + Animation
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GS + World Cup '18

Art Direction + Design


The Kick heard ‘round the world


For the 2018 World Cup we at GS decided to mash our brains together and create something that would capture the energy and excitement of such a worldwide phenomenon. I wanted to make it about bringing distant people together, the same way the game brings out fans and a love for the sport. The idea was to start with a young futbol fan in Russia as she picked up her makeshift World Cup ball and evolved into an epic collage of design styles tied together pass by pass. From one scene to the next, you might not know what you’re going to get, but the dynamic kicks, clashes, and headers keep us zipping between pro-league players.


Art Directed with Chris Finn at Gentleman Scholar




Design & Animation: Gentleman Scholar
Creative Directors: William Campbell, Will Johnson & Chace Hartman
Executive Producers: Jo Arghiris & Christina Roldan
Heads of Production: Tyler Locke & Ryan McLaughlin
Art Directors: Macauley Johnson & Chris Finn
Coordinator: Kev Jones


Designers: Juan Carlos Cuadra, Cristina Barna, Cam Floyd, Hana Eunjin Yean, Trish Janovic, Jina Kwon, Mike Tavarez, Vin Kim, Ana Chang
2D Animators: Kenny Kerut
Cel Animators: Laura Yilmaz, Matt Everton, Lyuben Dimitrov, Cristina Barna, Jina Kwon


CG Supervisor: Tim Hayward
3D Animator: James Lane
3D Generalist: Allan Bernardo
Model / Texture Artist: Jacques Clement
Music & Sound Design: Jason Webb