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Fila + First Step



First Impressions


…Seldom lead to the NBA Hall of Fame. But that’s not the case for Grant Hill who dribbled and shot his way there wearing a fresh pair of Filas. The footwear brand came to GS with a brief to celebrate the iconic Hill, wrapping him in cel shading and exploring his moveset across the court. I was able to bring together a few frames to capture the energy of that legendary first step and ended up with a client pick (red, white, and blue below) that helped bring the job to GS. Check out the final spot down below.


Produced at Gentleman Scholar




Check out the final spot directed out of NY by Cristina Barna and Chris Finn below…



Design & Animation: Gentleman Scholar
Creative Director: Will Johnson
Executive Producer: Christina Roldan
Head of Production: Ryan McLaughlin
Sr Producer: Katherine Allen
Art Directors: Cristina Barna, Chris Finn
Client: FILA
Agency: VaynerMedia


Designers: Cristina Barna, Trish Janovic, Ana Chang, Hanna No, Gretel Cummings
Cel Animators: Ana Chang, Trish Janovic, Harry Teitelman, Blake Patrick, Tristan Balos, Tim Beckhardt, Gretel Cummings, Mark Phillips, Sam Ballardini, Eunice Park
Model/Texture Artists: Natalia Perez
Compositors: Jae Woo Park
Storyboards: Ana Chang
Design Development: Macauley Johnson, Hana Eunjin Yean, Peter Lee, Bryan Louie


Mix & Sound Designer: Wave Studios
VO/ Sound Design Engineer : Chris Afzal
EP: Vicky Ferraro
VO Record:
Recorded at: Wave Studios
Artist: Chris Meloni 
Artist & Track Name: “Set Trippin” – supplied by client