Macauley Johnson
AD + Design + Animation

Chevy + Volt

Design + Animation


Charge up


...And peel out with Chevy's sporty gas-saver on your way to work, downtown, or a stealthy weekend to Vegas. Way back when, I designed and animated on 'Mark' and 'Priya' for the Volt launch campaign. I also did some work on the interactive portion of the project, designing landscapes and layouts and sneaking in a little cel animation.


Produced at Gentleman Scholar






Client: Chevy
Creative Director: Will Johnson & William Campbell

Executive Producer: Rachel Kaminek
Producer: Tyler Locke


Art Director: JP Rooney
Designers: Sang Youb Shin, Heather Aquino, Jordan Lyle, Macauley Johnson, Paul Yeh, Tommy Wooh, D’Ara Nazaryan, Eun Kim, JP Rooney
Animators: Heather Aquino, Jordan Lyle, JP Rooney, Sang Youb Shin, Macauley Johnson, Paul Yeh
Editor: Heidi Berg / The Whitehouse


Senior Interactive Producer: Sasha Koehn
Lead Front-End Developer: Michael Anthony
Lead Flash Developer: Jenaro Diaz
Flash Developer: Rachel Yonda, Macauley Johnson
Audio Production Company: Lime Studios